Whoops..someone bumped the roof

When a large earth moving front end load hits a roof... the results can be somewhat twisted. That's how these main structural I beams ended up at a customers site over a storage bay.

M&M Autopak's General manager Russell Teale summed up the challenge this way. "So many components can get bent or out of alignment. Replacing the obvious damaged beams is one thing...getting the new beams to line up with the other roofing components is quite another thing.and working at heights only adds to the complexity.

Site project Team lead Andrew Kelly spent over a week prepping for the day of the big lifts manufacturing purpose built cradles to support and secure the Beams while being lifted by two forklifts. It was this prep work and attention to detail that made this project a success Russell points out.

Well done to Andrew and the team.

Site Team Leader Andrew Kelly

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