"Silk purse from a Sows ear"

An old expression my grandma used to say....but explains accurately the work the boys have done to refurbish an old peanut roasting oven. Team leader Phil Holgate explained " The main frame of the Oven was all rusted away and the customer wanted a new frame constructed of Stainless steel" "At approx. 9 meters long, this was no mean feat" Phil continued. "The challenge was that all the old components that needed to be attached to the new frame were bent or broken due to years of misuse.This can become very time consuming and its important to outline a clear plan of attack to avoid "double handling" of tasks"Phil explains

M&M Autopak's General Manager Russell Teale spent the last three weeks onsite to help get the project over the line and commented how easy it would have been to get dispondent over this project but was so impressed with the way Phil Holgate and his team stuck with it after 12 weeks especially considering Phil was also living away from home.

Well done Phil

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