"Dive Dive Dive"

Team work is everything, so it was great to see one of our Senior Tradesman Phil Holgate take Nathan Dobis" under his Fin"so to speak on an "introduction to diving "course at Watsons Bay Sydney last Sunday.A shakey start with a mouthfull of salt water, Nathan showed by the end of the dive that he wasn't a fish out of water. "I thought my beard would having given me more grief than it did not allowing my mask to seal" Nathan reflected over breakfast after the dive. "I was really impressed the way Nathan controlled his buoyancy" Phil added. There is a lot to think about all at once on your first couple of dives and in a very foreign enviroment Phil continues. Asked whats next Nathan replies... "getting my open water ticket"

Well done Nathan and thanks to Phil for his encouragement and support.

Ready for the plunge- Nathan and Phil

So far all good Nathan signals...you haven't got your head under yet

Last minute instructions

Everyone arrived back in one piece....

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