Congrats Russ

Russell Teale reached his 10 year anniversary with M&M Autopak this Month.

Russell's loyalty has been one of his finest qualities. I have known Russell for twenty years and in that time he has always impressed me with his integrity and professionalism.

His ability to calm the “choppy waters” has been a real asset.

From apprentice of the year at Reckitt & Colman in the 70's to General Manager of

M&M Autopak since 2016, it has been an amazing journey. I have, over the years, thrown some curly projects Russell's way, and each time he has managed the project above our customer's expectations. His wealth of knowledge is only surpassed by his grey hair but he is one of the industries true gentleman.

, Well done Russell and thank you

Phil Meek


Business Development-Australasia

0416 281 425

M & M Autopak Pty Ltd

“Your engineering solution partners

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